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Performance Protein


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  • Key benefits:
    • 20g protein, 6g fiber
    • 170 calories
    • Build lean muscle and fuel recovery
    • 3 protein blend with all 9 essential amino acids
    • PeakO2 adaptogen mushrooms
    • Healthy functional fats


PLANTFUEL Performance Protein is crafted using a premium tri-blend of vegan and plant-based proteins that contain all nine essential amino acids and includes performance mushrooms and added BCAA’s to stimulate protein synthesis. Dreamed up by athletes, formulated by doctors, and clinically proven for optimal performance.

Clinically proven ingredients

Smooth Protein™
Clean Cream™

Nutrition Facts

Product Details

PLANTFUEL is a premium line of plant-based performance and protein supplements on a mission to better both you and our planet. Performance Protein is the essential plant-protein supplement for perfecting your workout regimen.

100% PLANT-BASED – All PLANTFUEL products are 100% plant-based, certified vegan and non-GMO verified. This is the perfect protein supplement for active individuals on a mission to better themselves and the planet with a powerful and sustainable plant-protein solution.

DOCTOR FORMULATED – Formulated by doctors and clinically researched by universities, all PLANTFUEL products pack a punch and are clinically proven. Developed by thought leaders and experts in the nutrition and vitamin space, Performance Protein is certified for top-tier performance.

ATHLETE APPROVED – Founded by former NFL athletes, PLANTFUEL was truly created by athletes for athletes. Performance Protein and all PLANTFUEL products are crafted for sport and certified 100% banned-substance free for professional performance compliance.

SUPERIOR INGREDIENTS – Performance Protein features top-of-the-line, clinically proven ingredients for high-tech quality and performance. Includes Smooth Protein™, Palatinose™, Clean Cream™, PeakO2™, and Instaminos™ for elite performance and results.

BEST-IN-CLASS TASTE – Available in Vanilla and Chocolate, Performance Protein is formulated with top-tier quality without ever sacrificing on flavor, and is crafted to deliver optimal performance with next-level taste and mouthfeel.